Extended eLearning Guidance

The Basic Plan


Effective April 6, 2020, Inspire Academy will operate the remainder of the spring semester as a combination of eLearning and school closure days. We will expect students and families to engage in eLearning three days per week. For specific dates, see the calendar attached to this information sheet. We determined that fewer than 5 eLearning days each week was the most manageable option for families during this national emergency of the spreading infection of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19.


ELearning days will officially be Monday – Wednesday each week, but we want families to know that the important part is that students are learning and growing academically! If you need to complete some work on other days because your Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday was particularly hectic, please rest assured that we will work with you on flex days as needed.



eLearning Resources


Our staff are diligently organizing and preparing a bundle of resources for every child, as well as preparing devices for offsite security. These bundles include paper, books, workbooks, and if needed, a device for accessing online resources. For students in grades 3 and higher, these bundles will be available for Inspire Academy families to pickup during meal pickup on Monday, March 30. For students in the primary grades (PK-2), student bundles will be ready a little later in the week because the iPads require some additional tech steps before the new security system can begin operating on them.


Inspire Academy is working on a way to get resource bundles to families who are unable to pickup resources at the allotted drive through pickup times. We are also working on securing hotspots for families who do not have an internet connection at home.


**Please note: if you choose to take a Chromebook or iPad home, you will be required to sign a form accepting financial responsibility for replacement, should the device be lost or damaged.

Spring 2020

Where to Find Assignments and Turn In Work


All assignments will be posted in parent portals and student portals in Rediker, our student information system. All assignments that require something to be turned in should be uploaded into the students’ eLocker in Rediker portal.


Attendance Credit


Attendance will be calculated by student attendance in the required live sessions. In the event that a student is not available during a live session, the student or student’s parent will need to send the teacher a note that the student watched the recorded version and submit any related work. All live session will be conducted in Zoom, and your child’s teacher will provide an access link via Rediker for each session.


End-of-Year Celebrations and Events


We know that this is a difficult time for students, especially those who were preparing for their passage from elementary to middle school or their passage from middle school to high school. Our team is currently working to organize ways to still celebrate these big moments in ways that honor social distancing expectations and other regulations in place. We will keep you informed as plans progress.

Weekly Curriculum Expectations